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Law Enforcement Training Video on Sikhism

The United States Department of Justice has released a training video on how to differentiate between threats and stereotypes when dealing with Sikhs.  You can view the video here.

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First TV Program on Sikh Americans After 9/11 – Mistaken Identity – PAHS Press Release

  WLWD 2000 Inc. announced the US and worldwide release of  the TV program: "MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Sikhs in America" which took nine months to complete, involving extensive travel and  filming on locations across the country from NY/NJ/CT to Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, to California (San Francisco, Yuba City, Palo Alto to Los Angeles, […]

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Reaction to NBC Dateline Story: Forbidden Love – PAHS Press Release

Crimes of one family can not be blamed on whole community-Punjabi American Heritage Society’s reaction to NBC dateline story: Forbidden love-story about murder of Sikh girl, Jassi Sidhu in India We like to express our concern regarding dangers and misunderstanding created about Americans of Sikh faith by Dateline story Forbidden Love on NBC on August […]

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