2011 Festival

PAHS would like to present the 17th Annual Punjabi American Festival
Held on May 29th, 2011 at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City, California
Featuring the following acts and performances:

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Ticket Prices:
Pre-Sale Ticket Price: $15
Price at the Door: $20
VIP Tickets (Seating provided underneath shade, along with the opportunity to meet the artists): $100

Where to Buy Tickets:
Bay Area/Central Valley
Kash Fabric(Fremont)
Roshani Indian Store(Union City)
Chandni Palace(Fremont)
Punjab Bazaar(San Jose)
Taj India(Latrope)
Raj Grocery(Manteca)
India Merchandise(Manteca)

Sacramento Area
India Market(Antelope)
Hoti Palace
Vicky Emporium
Desi Bazaar
India Bazaar
Meena Bazaar Boutique(Rose ville)
India Spice(Woodland)

Yuba City
LA Merchandise
Kashmir Bazaar
New Delhi Palace
Bombay Video
Punjab Bazaar
Rani Collection


Mr. and Miss Punjabi Talent Contest:

PTC Punjabi TV network and Punjabi American Heritage Society presents
Second Annual Punjabi American Miss and Mr. Punjabi American Talent Contest
Purpose: This is a talent contest and to promote understanding of Punjabi American Heritage. It is not a beauty contest.

Winner: Winner will get $500 scholarship and runners-up $250 in both male and female category. The scholarships will be provided by PAHS.

Date May 29th, 2011 at 17th Punjabi American Festival at Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds.
All participants will report at 930AM at Fairgrounds on May 29TH and preliminary contest will be held in Expo Hall at 10.00 AM and 4 males and 4 females will be selected to compete on the main stage at 3PM in front of the festival audience.

Criteria: Any one can participate, no age limit. You will be judged in four categories:
Your attire (10%), Talent 50 % (you can perform a dance or play instrument or comedy or do mimickery or sing or say poetry or any other special talent you may have for 3 minutes) answer to two questions (anwer in one minute to each question) from Judges 25%  (content), language command 10 percent  and 5 extra credit percent for your community work.

Final event will be show all over USA by PTC Punjabi TV Dishnet network and Crossings TV on Comcast Cable.

Send your entries to Punjabiamerican@gmail.com no latter than May 27th 2011Entries information to includeYour full name, (if under 18 include your parents name and their consent for your participation)AgeAddressBrief description of your itemPlace of your Birth, if non US born: how long you have lived in USA.Your email address, cell number and Home number Event Contact persons: Dr Gurpreet Singh Dhugga, can be reached at 707-290-5700 or Harjeet Singh at 530-218-7614

Sikh Film Festival by Sikhlens and PAHS:

The following videos will be played during the festival:

1. Aao Ji by King Gurcharan Mall.  See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv4tW_GyHlA

2. The Reunion by Angad Bhai (20 minutes):  Two friends who share a common background reunite after several years of being apart.  One is a Sikh who has cut his hair after being brutalized during a hate crime, and the other has kept his hair since birth.  Their dialogue deals with issues Sikhs face when trying to assimilate into modern American society, while maintaining their cultural and religious heritage. See
http://www.thereunionmovie.net/p/film-synopsis.html and http://sikhlens.com/films.php

3. Riding the Tiger (12 minutes): The 12-minute documentary  Riding the Tiger recounts filmmaker Michael Singh’s personal and intimate journey into self-identity as a half-Sikh young man who survived the atrocities of 1984, denying his Sikh heritage and passing for a white man.  His story is set against the backdrop of the bloodiest year in modern Sikh history.In 1984, the Indian Government sponsored massacres of Sikh men women and children in both June and November of 1984.   After Prime Minister Indira Gandhi lay siege on the Sikh’s holiest site–The Golden Temple–Michael and his brother Surinder managed to infiltrate it and view the destruction following the gunning down of hundreds of pilgrims.  Five months later, Mrs. Gandhi’s bloody siege resulted in her own death when her two Sikh bodyguards assassinated her.  In return, Government-guided mobs all over New Delhi raped, scalped, and butchered thousands more Sikh men, women and children.  For three terrifying days, some thirty Sikh women and children hid in the bedroom of Michael and Surinder’s host, the Bishop of Delhi, Maqbool Caleb.   The Indian Government has yet to account for what it did to the Sikhs.



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