About Us

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The Punjabi American Heritage Society was founded in 1993 with the purpose of promoting friendship and understanding with other communities and helping our younger generation getting connected to their roots. The Punjabi American Heritage Society is a nonprofit, non-political and secular organization. Sutter County has 10 percent population with Punjabi roots. Punjabi American society is trying to meet diverse needs of local community. Our annual festival draws audience from all over northern California. We know there are many other organizations and community members trying to help our community in their own way and we congratulate them for their efforts. Please take the time to review the following list of contributions that have been made by the Punjabi American Heritage Society as an organization and also by Society members in their individual capacities:

1. Organized nine Punjabi American festivals since 1995. A secular event to show case Punjabi heritage and to build better understanding with fellow Americans

2. Organized teacher appreciation events for local schoolteachers to recognize them and make them aware of our children’s needs.

3. Contributed to Punjabi students cultural programs at University of California Davis, California State University San Jose, UC Berkeley and California State University Sacramento.

4. Provide information about local Punjabi events through the society’s Web Site @ punjabiamericanheritagesociety.com

5. In past contributed to Relay for Life (Cancer), Casa de Esperanza, a battered women’s organization, Yuba-Sutter Diabetes Society, India’s earthquake and Orphaned children’s organization in India.

6. Arranged meetings for human rights groups. Sponsored Human rights seminar at UC Berkeley, CA

7. Participated in and contributed for cultural exhibitions at Asian Arts Museum in San Francisco, Prune festival (Yuba city) Diversity festival in City center (Yuba City),. Migrant education (Sacramento), Asian Heritage event at Beal Air Force base and talent shows in various local schools.

8. Society members have contributed to local hospitals and College and School events.

9. For the last ten years produced a video documentary of Annual Nagar Kirtan.

10. We have done cultural awareness presentations at Yuba City High School, Yuba College and local Hospitals.

11. Produced many publications in the local Appeal-Democrat English newspaper about the Punjabi Community

12. Held a free health camp at Sikh Temple Yuba City at Tierra Buena Road.

13. Participated in Bilingual (in English) Sunday Dewan at Sikh Temple of Yuba City at Tierra Buena Road for more than one year.

14. Sent Representatives to different national events to represent this area’s Punjabi Community.

15. Organized Seminars and Essay competitions for Punjabi children.

16. Continue to promote awareness about diverse issues through a weekly TV Program (APNA PUNJAB-nonprofit) on local cable channel 18 every Friday at 8.00Pm

17. Contributed to other organizations like Yuba Sutter National Sikh Women Association.

18. Helped to prepare a Publication for Sikh Temple of Yuba City Tierra Buena Road for the Appeal-Democrat newspaper (The Sikhs) at Nagar Kirtan (2000)

19. Provided financial support for a student at University of California Berkeley in writing a book about Sikh Soldiers in World War Two.

20. Individual members have made themselves available to the local Appeal-Democrat in order to answer questions and to assure accuracy in their reporting and to discuss pertinent Punjabi issues.

21. Sponsored production of Mistaken Identity documentary after 9/11 to help fellow Americans understand about Sikhs appearance. This has been shown at many universities in USA. Expected to go on PBS soon

22. Supported local youth clubs and provided all kind of help and guidance to a Punjabi American youth club at local high school and Punjabi American youth club of northern California.

23. Contributed to Punjabi studies program at Sacramento State University.

24. Worked with local library to add more books and educational materials to improve understanding about Punjabi community.

Thanks for your ongoing support.