Asa Nu Maan Watna Da Movie Review

Asa Nu Maan Watna Da (Punjabi film)

(Review by Jasbir S Kang, MD)

Director: Manmohan Singh. Produced by Wild Rose Entertainment
Starring: Harbhajan Mann, Kirandeep Kimmi, Arshvir Bajwa, Kanwaljit Singh and Deep Dhillon

Duration 179 Minutes

Harbhajan Mann, a Punjabi singer turned actor, stars in this new film Asa Nu Maan Watna Da – which translates to "Searching for Our Roots". This movie is going to give a major boost to the Punjabi movie industry worldwide, which has done poorly so far compared to other regional cinema.  It is produced by expatriate Punjabis from Calgary, Canada.

Directed by Manmohan Singh, a highly respected Bollywood Cinematographer turned Director. His first major Punjabi direction "Jee Aayan Nu" was a box office hit in the Western countries and India. The music soudtrack and songs were such a hit that it paid for the entire budget of the production. Manmohan Singh, Harbhajan Mann, and Kirandeep Kimmi were honored by the Punjabi American Heritage Society for their contribution to Punjabi films at the ninth Punjabi American festival, Yuba City in May 2003.  While giving his keynote speech, he said that he was encouraged by the overwhelming support of Punjabis worldwide and announced the launching of his second Punjabi venture (Asa Nu Maan Watna Da).  He also said his goal is to raise the standard of the Punjabi cinema to international standards.  He kept his word and the film was completed in less than a year’s time.  So far this movie has done quite well in India, UK and Canada and is now showing in US theaters. Unfortunately, it has not been adequately promoted in the US market.

Asa Nu Maan Watna Da is a roller coaster ride of human emotions, told through mesmerizing and enchanting music, filled with tears, laughter, and romance, decorated with the scenic beauty of western Canada and Punjab, India, and crafted with the astonishing cinematography of Mr. Harmeet Singh.

This film depicts what happens to those who return to their homeland after a prolonged absence abroad and deals with the following questions:

Are migrants really welcomed back to their motherland?

Is it the same motherland that they left behind?

Does the motherland have the same rich, cultural values that they strived to teach to their children?

Are they left confused about where they fit in?

Could Love bloom within two young hearts, born and raised in two different lands?

Does forgiveness and love calm the stormy ocean of human hearts?

What does the West offer the East and what does the East offer the West? Is unity possible?

Tears came to my eyes twice while I watched this movie at the Sutter Theater in Yuba City.

This is a clean film, suitable for families.

The music is a combination of both traditional and modern rhythms, composed by Jaidev Kumar.  Here are the songs from this movie:

1. Nach Le Gaa Le – Harbhajan Mann
2. Yaara O Dildara – Harbhajan Mann, Sunidhi Chauhan
3. Long Gavaiyan – Harbhajan Mann, Jaspinder Narula
4. Lohri – Harbhajan Mann, Jaspinder Narula, Arvinder Singh, Simejit Kumar
5. Ankhiyanch Neendar – Harbhajaan Mann
6. Lae Maaye – Harbhajan Mann
7. Nach Le Gaa Le (Indian Version) – Harbhajan Mann
Harbajan Maan      Kirandeep Kummi

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